We Need Your Help!

It is a common misconception that the state pays for wildlife care.  In reality, most of the expenses associated with wildlife rehabilitation are paid by the rehabilitator. Happy Feet Rescue relies on the contributions and donations of people like you to ensure our goal of providing each and every animal in our care proper treatment and release into their natural habitats.

Wildlife rehabilitation typically involves care for injured, ill and orphaned wild animals. Each animal is examined, diagnosed and treated through an individually tailored program of veterinary care, hospital care, feeding, medicating, physical therapy, exercising and pre-release conditioning. Releases are planned for appropriate weather, season, habitat and location. 

We receive no city, county, state, or federal funding and rely solely on generous donations from the public to finance our operation.  The costs behind each animal varies due to the individual treatment options we provide.  The more severe the injury or condition, the more expensive it can be to rehabilitate. Please donate today to help a young life get a chance at a better tomorrow.

You can also donate by purchasing items from Amazon. Click here to purchase supplies. You may also click here to setup your AmazonSmile preferences, donating while you shop.