Happy Feet Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the goal to take in orphaned, displaced, or injured wildlife and rehabilitate for the release back into their natural habitats.

Every February, orphaned baby animals start trickling into wildlife rescues across the state. First to arrive in early spring are squirrels and opossums. This trickle quickly turns into a flood by March as raccoons and rabbits join the flow of helpless orphans. The gates really open by April and May when the baby fawns start arriving.

Each animal is examined, diagnosed and treated through an individually tailored program of veterinary care, hospital care, feeding, medicating, physical therapy, exercising and pre-release conditioning. Releases are planned for appropriate weather, season, habitat and location for each specific species. Long-term survival is the goal when releasing these animals back into their natural habitats.

We serve as a resource for anyone who has found a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, or has a question about nuisance wildlife or wildlife in general. If you have come across an animal you believe needs assistance, please review the information in the Animal Information section.  Next, give us a call so we can help ensure the next steps are appropriate for the animal's future. 

You may also contact your local Animal Control, Game Warden, or other enforcement officer for assistance. We work closely with these officers throughout the year.


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